Take 2

There’s a lot going on in the world. A lot has happened since the last time I wrote. Obama was still president and prime rate was at 3.50%.  I wrote this in response to the gun violence and suicide epidemic.

When people die before their time, it’s a terrible experience. As a human being, and now a father, I couldn’t imagine reconciling over the loss of a child gone before their time. A tragedy that continues to happen in places that should be safe, for reasons that are completely indefensible by a human being, or father. The solution is obvious but frustration is growing at the lack of better solutions, than the obvious. The human mind is complex. When processing stimulus, many variables can affect your perception of the world. Refusing to hear another point of view is irresponsible. Propaganda or state sponsored marketing campaigns have become increasingly accurate at stimulating behavior. On social media, most of the times the intention is to make you buy something; what’s impressive is the ability to get people to act. A state sponsored marketing campaign maliciously incited violence and divide… or did it? See, when they get so good at making you act by, showing you a distorted view of the world that fits perfectly with your own you, become convinced the whole world is just as you see it. In many ways, it is. Taking the time to understand why someones view is distorted, in comparison to yours, helps make sense of why people act in ways that you would consider absolutely absurd. We’ve all been shaped by our environment, moments that changed us but, to overcome and help overcome is a genuinely human feeling.

We need to overcome the money in politics. Capitalist entities writing the federal and local laws that govern its shareholders and employees without regard for the public good, is wrong. It feels like we hit rock bottom in our ability to discuss things over a beer and come up with a better plan. Facts are the counter to our biases but we’re getting fed different facts. So we must trust our ability to identify alternative facts and sources that contradict peer reviewed irrefutable evidence. But first, we have to question and then we have to research. Much more difficult.

In the end, time has a way of sorting these things out.


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