Manifest Bikini at the Clevelender

I’ve always admired the efficient public transportation in the developed cities of our country.  Los Angeles, incorporated 46 years before Miami, has had a train system for only the last 25 years. The Miami Metro Rail began in ’84, 6 years before LA. By 2012 Miami added Orange Line, it’s second, for extending the Metro Rail to a grand total of 24 miles.  LA has 6 lines, spanning 87 miles.

I’ve also noticed, in the less developed cities I’ve visited, there’s a lack of public train. Coincidence?  I think not.

I am biased, but I firmly believe Kendall is a suburb filled with competent employees prohibitively separated from the business center of our city.  The benefit of downtown salaries, without the restrictive cost of owning a car or congesting our streets, will benefit the 2nd generation of Immigrant-Americans.  FIU students deserve the opportunity to live in inexpensive housing close to a train that can take them to their parents house, school, and the culturally diverse restaurants and bars of Miami Beach. Tourists should be able to take a train from MIA to our world famous Fontainebleau Hotel.  How much easier would it be for a Marlins fan in the Hammocks to see a game in the Marlins Stadium, if he could take the train from West Kendall to a Marlins Shuttle at Culmer Station.  You can take the 4 train to the Yankee stadium in the Bronx from Grand Central station in Manhattan.  You can get to the Cubs stadium and White Sox stadium from West Chicago, by train.  The Nationals play 2 stops away from L’Enfant station, the intersection of FOUR train lines in DC.  A shuttle will take you from Union Center in LA to the Dodgers Stadium, for a total cost of $17 from Anaheim, 30 miles away.

Fun cities in their own regard with moderately priced suburbs within an hour train ride of their business centers.  They lack pastelitos; we lack an efficient train system. I present the longest train lines of 4 major metropolitan cities for your consideration:

A Train

  • The A train in NYC crosses 31 miles from 207th st to Far Rockaway.
Blue Line

Blue Line

  • The Blue Line in LA crosses 22 miles from 7th Street Metro to Downtown Long Beach. 
Red Line

Red Line

  • The Red Line of DC Metro runs from Shady Grove to Glenmont, 31.9 miles.
Red Line

Red Line

  • The Red Line in Chicago extends from Howard Street Terminal 21 miles to the South Side. 

Allow me to present distances for my proposed stops on the train from Kendall & Krome to Lincoln Road:

  • 10 miles from Dadeland to Hammocks
  • 8 miles from Dadeland to FIU
  • 11 miles from Dadeland to Dolphin Mall
  • 9 Miles from Government Center to Lincoln Road, through the Julia Tuttle
  • 46 miles from Kendall & Krome to Lincoln Road
    • Passing through Dadeland Station, Dolphin Mall and Government Center

The new lines:

  • 1 Line from Kendall & Krome to Dadeland,
  • 1 Line from Dadeland to Dolphin Mall
  • 1 Line from Dolphin Mall to Government Center
  • 1 Line from Government Center to Lincoln Road
  • 1 Line from Kendall & Krome to Lincoln Road
  • Extend the MIA train from Earlington Heights, 8.4 miles south to the proposed intersection of the Dolphin Train and the Dadeland Train.

Lincoln Road Mall to N Kendall Dr & Krome Ave - Google Maps

How cool would it be to work in Downtown without succumbing to the numbingly high prices of real estate in a 10 mile radius of our highest paying jobs.  Hours of traffic from Kendall to Downtown, replaced by a 20 mile train ride, in less than an hour.  Happy hour on the Beach is a 9 mile, 15 minute train ride from Downtown.  After too many drinks at LIV, a 46 mile train ride will get you home safer and cheaper than the 46 mile car ride through congested highways and streets.  A tourist can fly into MIA, stay as far as the Miccosukee Resort, and always be an hour train ride away from enjoying everything Miami has to offer, without ever renting a car or taking a parking spot.

So why hasn’t it been done?

$102 Million dollar estimate too expensive? That can’t be it, Rent prices go up because higher paying wages are accessible without the added cost or dangers of another vehicle on the road.

An article from 2012 says not enough revenue potential to justify the cost.  Estimates of usage showed that an East-West line was, not profitable.

December 2014 MiamiToday released an article.  “The [new] study would look at the feasibility of reactivating the CSX line, which runs more or less parallel to Northwest 12th Street, from Northwest 37th Avenue west to 137th Avenue, county records show.” Juan Zapata, County Commissioner for District 11,  is credited for its proposal.  “This could be an amazing thing for Dade County” said Xavier L Suarez County Commissioner District 7.

Let’s make it happen.


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