Zoot Suit Riot

Every generation has had a period of unrest where riots and public demonstrations come to the forefront of the American media. The manifestations of the last decade have not been about race, creed, or nationality, but because of lack of Government response and accountability.  We have found ourselves in a time where wealth has left the majority of Americans and Americans have little say in how they are governed.   Government, as a wealth equalizer, is being influenced by the wealth accumulators in such a way that laws and time, are being wasted on solutions for corporations and the wealthy rather than, everyone else.  Protests are for those who don’t have a voice but, believe there can be change with enough support.  Riots are for those who have lost hope for change and have no voice with their law makers/enforcers.

Clearly our Constitution did not account for such drastic wealth inequality. The business entity was way too small to compete with a big FEDERAL government. Few businesses were multi-city and only a handful of NGOs existed. With the advancement of communication and the ability of small groups of people to very efficiently manage enormous amounts of data, we have willingly driven wealth out of our neighborhoods at an unprecedented rate.  We have set up laws in favor of shielding this wealth from liability and scrutiny.  Eventually, a part of those profits end up in the coffers of Federal Politicians with little interest in bringing that money back into our neighborhoods, perpetuating a negative feedback cycle.

I’m having a hard time finding corporate interests in our preamble:
“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

What I did find, is the responsibility of our government to address the epidemic of income inequality and cash hoarding of the wealthiest families and corporations in America.  Our government is not promoting the general Welfare, or creating a more perfect union when it reduces taxes on the biggest wealth accumulators in our country and subsequently reduces the funding for Welfare programs (not limited to food stamps and unemployment but education, infrastructure, research and public space).

The internet as the great stabilizer.

When people lose faith in their government, it is their patriotic responsibility to assemble.  What is so barbaric about rioting, today, is that more than ever, we have the ability to publicly hold our civil leaders accountable yet, we refuse to get involved.  Through Social Media we can start grass-roots campaigns, and be able to rally and organize very quickly and peacefully. With a simple tweet to @tomas_regalado @marcorubio @FLGovscott @jebbush @hillaryclinton @sensanders  @barackobama we can request an immediate response to the frustrations in our community, state, and country.  We have the power to vote good people in and not give a second term to the people who have lost interest in their constituents.  Our government officials might be wrong, but our form of government is not.

Let’s not be entitled or privileged and expect to have our government step in for us, let us also control how our money is generated and where it is spent.  It is your patriotic duty to go into business for yourself.  If you have a hobby, you should monetize it.  If you have a skill or perform a service you have the responsibility to compete against the big businesses that aren’t as agile or personable as you.  Now more than ever, an individual has the ability to market themselves internationally through the same channels as big business.  An individual has access to the same suppliers and cheap labor as big businesses, why not exploit that?

The pacification of the American employee has contributed to the wealth gap more than any law congress has signed or failed to sign.  We have accepted that for-profit corporations can be our employers, financial advisers, bankers, investment advisers, insurance agents, mortgage bankers, retailers, builders, and accountants with little social accountability.  We have allowed billion dollar executive boards to create, the biggest income gap between CEO and lowest paid employee, that the world has ever seen.  We sit back in awe as golden parachutes go unchecked after a company has sucked up all the profits it’s balance sheets allowed.  We have also come to accept that ridiculous tuition fees and predatory student loans are our future.  All the while trying to live a lifestyle that is unsustainable.

If the average person paid as much attention to their local politics as they do to presidential elections, I believe we would be closer to a more perfect union.


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