Everyone is pardoned after a generation

I’m having a hard time being overwhelmingly grateful for the sacrifices my grand parents made for my parents, uncles, and aunts and being hopeful that the new Cuba Policy will bring positive change. After all, if it wasn’t for them having the testicular fortitude to leave everything and start over, I wouldn’t have the freedom to write this post.

Being hopeful for the future of Cuba is completely overshadowed by the United States breaking the #1 rule of freedom. We gave in to a terrorist. Terrorists use violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.  The revolution against the Batista government in ’59 wasn’t done with peace.  Taking businesses, homes, prisoners, and most importantly freedom, with violence is, terrorism.  The orchestrator of the violence, a terrorist.  Cuba is still very much controlled by the Castro regime.  The same regime that caused the displacement of so many families, including my own.

Marketing geniuses have made me a skeptic about anything that sounds too perfect. Did the POTUS really announce embargo easement on “el dia de San Lazaro” and did the head of the Catholic church, The Pope, really bring them together? If this was a marketing scheme by the Obama administration…. It worked.

Coincidence that Pope Francis is considered, progressive and favored by my generation?

I think Obama has just started the process to make Cuba whole again. I can imagine that Cuba is going to get an infrastructure lift, from the United States. My hope, is that in 15 years they will have caught up to us now, because of the new embargo easements. Yet, I’m ready to accept that in 2 years all of it could be undone with elections, after all, we are a democracy.

Kennedy pulled the plug on the bay of pigs out of fear for the retaliation of the Russians. Not the case now.  Throw in to the mix a generation of Cuban-Americans that are foaming at the mouth for the opportunity to bring democracy to Cuba and we have created a petri-dish of hope.

America knows how to stabilize a country with freedom; it’s time Cuba got some freedom.  Access to information is our Trojan horse.  There is a shitload of money to be made in Cuba, freedom loves money.  Money going to American contractors for infrastructure that empowers the Cuban people.  Money from American companies employing Cuban citizens.  American companies offering basic goods at affordable prices.  When Cuban American relations were at their prime, Havana was considered the New York City of the Caribbean.  Cuba had all the latest technology and newest vehicles before anywhere else in the Caribbean.  Cuban Americans are in a position to help rebuild their homeland.  We have the brain power and the resources to make it happen.  We have the power to defeat the revolution previous generations fled from, without picking up a weapon.  Marti would be proud.  

I’m not concerned about the argument about the Castro regime lining their pockets with these changes.  Society has more to gain from all this;  money won’t protect them from persecution.  We can disagree with the actions but we all have the same goal.  Get the Castro’s out of power and bring democracy to an impoverished state. The new Cuba Policy brings hope to a tired, failed, embargo.


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