Whooo Aaaaare Yoouuuu?

Hopefully you read that in your best Cheshire Cat voice.

Who are you?  How do you tell people who you are?  What do you tell them? What is the outcome you want?

For the purposes of this post you are, your career.  I’m a [frustrated] banker.  Says so on my business card, LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Anyone connecting to me knows, I’m a banker.  I’m also a couple other things… carpenter, blogger, horologist, auto mechanic, burger enthusiast, cyclist, and photographer however, I would surely be slapped by the leaders of those industries.  Point is, I am what is on my business card. So step 1 is define who you are.  Marketer, Writer, Lawyer, Lobbyist, Blacksmith, Philosoraptor, whatever, just put it on a business card.

How do you tell people who you are?  Shake some hands, tweet, blog, spray paint, get on TV, radio, billboards, license plates, and maybe even your favorite charities gala program.  “Touch” people constantly to remind them who you are.  Like their posts, say Hi to them when you see them, birthday calls, celebratory calls for life events, things you would do for friends and family. You’re just another person until someone remembers that you can help them.  After all that’s the goal, right?

So you know who you are, people know who you are, so now what do you tell them?  Well… what do they want? You can’t help anyone if you don’t know what they want.  “Well I want a bank account.”  Great!  So I’ll talk to you about how I can provide you the best bank account you’ve never had. Job done, pat on the back, next subject.  No! Stop being so single minded.  We’re way more complex than that.  What is holding them back?  What are their barriers? What makes them giddy? Of course they want a bank account but what value is there?  If they know who you are, they know what you sell; give them more!  I don’t post about our rates or product features, I post our 3:05 cafecito, our smiles, our beautiful branch, our rich history.  I re-post things I find that clients I want, want.

Ultimately, I would love everyone to open an account with me, and take out a commercial loan.  That’s what I sell.  That is the outcome I want.  I want someone to see my post and say “dang, that guy is more informed, and has more in common with me than, my banker, let me send him some business.” I in turn get a client that has my same interests and appreciates me more.  Win and Win. Try it out and report back.


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