An ode to Pitbull

Born Armando Christian Perez, Pitbull was born to Cuban parents in Miami, Florida.  He went to Miami-Dade Public Schools South Miami High and Coral Park High.  Cuban expatriates Celia Cruz and Willy Chirino, inspired his music.  Miami Bass Godfather, Uncle Luke helped launch him.  It was his drive and dedication to the latin community, to little havana, to Miami, that earned him the fans that gave him 26 awards and 113 nominations.  From the age of 3 he was reciting Marti poems to drunks at the bars his dad would frequent.

He did it.  He’s a celebrity. Mr. Worldwide.  There is no secret to his success, hard work, constant grind, and never forget where you came from.  Pitbull is to Miami what Jay-Z is to Brooklyn, what Dr.Dre is to LA, what Eminem is to Detroit.  Hate them or love them, they represent their home town.  In each of their albums you find the secrets to their success.

Damnit Man was a favorite from his MIAMI album.  He raps:
“Just look in my blue eyes and see the hunger and pain,dammit man But I don’t plan it man, because I do what I wanna do, move what I wanna move Y’all gonna see what I mean when I live out my dreams I’ma tell you like biggie told me, cash rules everything around me”
His motivation is his “hunger and pain” and he is going to live out his dreams by doing what he wants to do and move what he wants to move.  His mentor, Biggie.

In Hustlers Withdrawal from the same album he talks about how he saw the mistakes his father made and improved on them.  His father never saved, so he did. He encourages listeners that have chosen a path that leads to “dirty money” by rapping “You choose the road that you get to follow And you choose the people that you look up to as role models.”   He discourages people from selling narcotics singing “you can die from doin dope or dealin dope.”  Sure we can all be victims of circumstance, however in the end you choose your own path.  He knew this at age 23.

In 2009 he was awarded the key to the city in Miami. He opened up Sports Leadership and Management, a privately owned but open to the public, charter school in Little Havana.  He’s donated time and money to City of Hope, Pencils of Promise, Save the Music Foundation, STOMP Out Bullying, and World Vision.

He gained support from his community, had a dream, a mentor, worked at it, learned from mistakes, stayed humble, and gave back.  From that chico pitbull to Mr. 305, to Mr. Worldwide.

Pit Bull, un fuerte abrazo, I’m proud of you.


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