The Oppressed

Ever felt like The Man was holding you down?  “The Invisible Hand” working against you?  You are probably, very wrong.  First thing you should do is find a mentor.  Find someone who is doing what you want to do.  Can be a celebrity as much as it can be a neighbor.  Next, find out what made them successful.  Interestingly, most successful people are happy to share their story.  Celebrities have books written about their path to success, mostly because they are narcissists, but great information none the less.  For you, because I like you, I will share some of the common denominators I have found in these stories.


Lucky, to have been born into a wealth family.  Lucky, to have been in the right place at the right time.  Lucky, to have impressed the right person.  Lucky, to have had the foresight of investing first. Success brought on by chance rather than by effort.  If only we could all be so lucky.  Sure you can create your luck, put the odds in your favor, but these guys didn’t even try.


Very hard work.  Never stopping putting in hard work.  The grind, the struggle.  The guys that get the same amount of sleep in one week that the rest of us enjoy on a lazy sunday afternoon.  The kind of hard work that makes you question your existence.  Horse blinders with nothing but success in view.  You know what you want and you’ll make it happen because you can’t fathom doing anything else but be successful.


Laser focus.  One thing and one thing only.  Take away every distraction.  If it doesn’t lead you to success it must be removed from your existence.  Time is crucially limited and not to be wasted on anything but success. Turn off your phone, close the blinds, shut the door and, focus.


My least favorite word. “I have enough friends why do I want more?”  Because other people need to know you deserve to be successful.  Nobody became successful by themselves.  The money and support came from somewhere. Family, friends, chambers, car clubs, fraternities, secret societies, school, work, IRC chats, online forums, whatever. People need to know who the hell you are and how hard you work to be successful.


Brainwashing optimism.  You have to believe you will be successful.  You, will be numero uno.  You have what it takes to get you to where you need to be.  You will never fail because fail is a negative word.  You will learn from your mistakes and you will be better than anyone else because of it.  I find optimism in reading rags to riches stories.  If Oprah became successful despite being born to a teenage single mother and raped at 9 years old, what the hell is stopping you?


Completely disconnect.  When you’re working at 1000% you need to stop and smell the roses.  We’re human after all.  Time is limited and the world is a beautiful place.  Find peace in nature and experience different cultures. Out of 365(.242) days, at least 30 should be reserved to completely disconnect, at least 7 should be continuous.  Doesn’t matter where or when just get out of the office, out of the house and go wherever makes you awe.


Give back.  Money is nice but, your time and attention is better.  Your soul will thank you and so will your community.  To whom much is given, much is expected.  Volunteer, serve on a board, collect funds, bring attention to a cause that is near and dear.  Be thankful for what you have been given and be mindful of those who weren’t so lucky.

To end, success is whatever you want out of life, only you can figure that out.  Once you know what you want, put on your horse blinders, and work at it, relentlessly.


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