Staying Relevant

Hi.  I am a banker.  Ever since a banker opened up my first bank account and had a friendly conversation with me about my future, I knew I wanted to help people this way.  Same banker referred me to my first job in banking.  Slowly I saw the industry embrace the internet as a means of allowing their clients to do everything themselves.  Tellers replaced with ATMs, Bankers replaced with online banking, and the rise of banks with no store-front.  Still, I knew I wanted to be a banker.

Started as a teller and now, I’m here. I’m a banker at a wonderful bank.  The reason I enjoy this bank so much is because of what I can offer my clients.  Everything a client has ever wanted from me in previous positions, I can now say “Yes” to, within reason of course. Had a tough month and you’re a little short?  I’m not going to charge you an overdraft fee. I’m going to see how I can help you avoid being short in the future.  Can’t make it to the bank in time?  We’ll stay open for you.  Better yet, you can leave your deposit in our night depository next to the atm and we’ll call you in the morning to let you know we deposited it.  Out of town and need to cut a check?  Send me who and how much and I’ll make sure they receive the check.  They’ve allowed me to represent the bank at various networking groups, making a name for myself.  I have met a lot of movers and shakers in every major industry.  It is absolutely delightful to treat people this way.

I couldn’t wait to start! I immediately shared it with my facebook/linkedin/instagram/close friends and family! I found a bank that cares, is fair, from Miami, and has weathered every economic event that killed badly run banks.  ::crickets::

Everyone I had built great relationships with, family, friends, clients, and colleagues couldn’t care less about banking with my bank.  I have access to the same tools that have brought success to so many people and I couldn’t wait to help!  Yet, I can’t convince even my best of friends to bank with me.  Even the ones who would benefit more than I would! Who can say no to executive lunches, business over cafecito, and birthday cards?  I digress.  After all, I couldn’t even remember who my banker was and I had switched banks 3 times since then.

Still, I want to be a banker.  More importantly, a banker that could not only support his family but, do good things.  My mentors assured me I had the right behavior, a good heart, the want to help, the want to give back, and I’ve always been humble.  So what was I doing wrong?  All the reports and statistics said I was doing a terrible job.  My managers and their managers and potential clients, all made me feel like I was numero uno.   Yet, I couldn’t produce at the level I had at other banks.  Dream job, and I’m flapping in the wind going no where.

Wealth Management.  Surely the clients who judge their actions by how much money is lost when doing things other than making money, could appreciate me.  They don’t have time to Google financial advice, CD rates and shop around for who can save them a 10th of a basis point on a loan.  They want to get things done and they want someone they can trust to get it done.  That’s me!  By specializing in Wealth Management I have effectively cut out all the people who don’t want to be my client and narrowed my target on who should be my client.  You can do the same by becoming a specialist in your field.

Educate yourself and become the expert your local news station wants to interview.


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